Two ways to introduce and support plain language in your organization

Give people the motivation

The importance of integration

Adopting plain language can be a moderate change in direction or a massive switch in your methods. Either way, you will be asking colleagues to change how they do their work.

To gain support integrate plain language considerations into existing methods. And promote its benefits to staff, customers, and investors. Let me suggest how you can get started.

Ways to integrate plain language

Pull together a think-tank of in-house leaders. Recruit from your communication, human resources, technology, marketing, and organizational development managers. Provide them an orientation to plain language and how it serves your goals. Then, brainstorm ways to make it work: consider existing and new opportunities. Select the best ideas that offer easy plain language integration.

Make it memorable

Get plain language on the agenda at management meetings. Provide regular updates on progress and projects: this shows leaders supporting it and keeps everyone motivated. Get everyone doing and talking about it.

If your business has a style guide, that’s an excellent place to start. Provide everyone with an orientation to a new plain language style guide. If not, develop a plain language guide. If you offer staff training, put a plain language course on your schedule.

People need new tools. Plain language training will increase the number of staff with the needed knowledge and skills, and build up the pool of talent for project teams.

Take the lead and spread the word

Become a plain language champion. Be a team captain. Put plain language to work in your own area.

Look for opportunities to support, drive, and expand plain language initiatives. Share ideas, developments and innovations whenever and wherever you can. Always celebrate successes.

Integrating and promoting plain language are 2 ways to open the path of least resistance and greatest support.