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Archive for February 2019

Stop Over-Thinking It: No-Brainer Day Feb 27

Joseph Fung, skritswap’s lead investor, shares our aim to improve information equity. Last year, he affirmed his confidence: “This is one of those no-brainer technologies that needs to exist – not only can it save billions in wasted costs, but it can make life better for millions of people around the world.” By definition, a…

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Innovation Day 2019

February 16th, is Innovation Day. At skritswap we live innovation with our product development. And we are sponsoring an innovation award with the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN). We’ll announce the first recipient at the international conference  in Oslo this September 2019. The award honours the long and valuable services of our plain language expert…

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People power with AI

Keeping People in the Loop at All Stages of Machine Learning Written By: Darren Redfern, CTO, skritswap Machine Learning (a sub-branch of the field of Artificial Intelligence) is making our lives easier, more productive, and secure. But many people misunderstand: how these types of technologies work, what computer algorithms can do, and what they should…

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