Do you know the FULL history of Silicon Valley?

Check out this article about the history of Silicon Valley from as far back as 1890 and here’s what our founder, Melissa Kargiannakis, had to say about it on Linked In.

“Easy money, win or lose, is what made Silicon Valley […] in a way that private investors would never have tolerated”.

Did you know how much of an influence World War II had on Silicon Valley? Did you know about the substantial military money through the 1950s – 1970s that made Silicon Valley the tech hub it is today?

Check out this very detailed history of “Silicon Valley”

The whole read made me think, do we only truly innovate when our life is on the line? Is it only facing existential threats–world wars or our climate crisis–that spurs true innovation? What do you think? What circumstances lead to massive technological advancements?

PS – the article doesn’t even get to Fairchild Semiconductor until halfway through. It starts in the 1890s talking about growing the French plum. Check it out!