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Who are you?

Who are you?

For Enterprise

Enterprise or business communicator?

  • Swap out jargon in your docs.
  • Build trust with people.
  • Sell more.
  • Shorten delivery.

Do you have important documents that your customers don’t understand as they should?

skritswap's AI technology helps adjust your words, swapping them from the original to clear and clearer. Your customers will be able to read at their  comfort level.

Nearly 50% of North Americans have low literacy skills, which means almost half of your clients may be struggling to understand your product communications.

This leads to a breakdown in trust between customers and businesses.

Working with skritswap results in:

  • Shorter service-delivery times and increased trust since customers grasp your industry terms.
  • Reduced sales cycle because it’s easier and less confusing for prospects to buy.

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For Plain
Language Experts

A professional writer or editor?

Imagine having an automated plain language editor.

Now, you can use skritswap's AI editor to complete your client projects faster and make your work easier.

Your saved style sheet will track complicated phrases and automatically swap to your prefered terms, based on your past work. It will eliminate the need to look it up again check previous documents, and rewrite phrases you’ve already simplified once.

Plus, you’ll gain access to the global database of previously-swapped, everyday words to meet your reader's literacy level.

Coming Soon: Early-adopter plain language practitioners will get priority access to use the Swap-it Word add-in. In addition to making your job easier, faster, and more profitable, we can bring in clients for you, too.

What We Do

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