Welcome Paras Jamil

Skritswap is pleased to announce our newest team member: Paras Jamil as a Computational Linguist.

Paras joined skritswap on April 15, 2019. Her strong linguistics background and desire to do more coding makes her a perfect addition to the team. We are so glad to have her join us.

Get to know Paras here:

1) Tell us a little bit more about you as a person and what you enjoy.

I’m a neat freak who loves organizing closets. I like to spend my free time doing DIY arts and crafts i.e. anything from sewing, painting, pottery, to interior décor and growing plants- basically using my hands to make any space neat and presentable. The process is a major stress reliever and the end product is always pretty!

2) What are you most excited to work on at skritswap?

It’s amazing how computers have helped humankind jump leaps in advancement, yet can stumble over grammatical rules. I think of my work as being a grammar teacher of the computer and that’s what I get to do at Skritswap – provide direction in making smart grammatical choices leading us from a jargon filled world into an era of plain language.

3) Why did you want to join the skritswap team?

I have been in that position so many times where I’d search something on Google, frustrated by the results would search again with the added keywords “for dummies” hoping there may be some godsend out there who has simplified the jargon filled documents I need to comprehend. In the end, I think the vision of Skritswap is empowering and I’m glad to be a part of this noble endeavor.

4) What is a cause in the world that you are really passionate about?

I’m passionate about minimalism.
Figuring out what is valuable, and what is not. What to keep and what to let go. Minimalism, is a healthy sustainable lifestyle – which gives peace of mind and lots and lots of space and air to breathe. Decluttering and letting go brings so much value to your life- it’s practically addictive! I advocate on behalf of the minimalists, not just in terms of “things in your apartment” but also emotional baggage, or the list of chores or goals we make for ourselves. Looking at each item (at home/on the list) analyzing it for what it is – the value it brings – and then deciding if its worth keeping or is it time to thank it and say goodbye? Minimalism brings clarity and purpose in life. A by product of minimalism is then sustainability. You chose to let go of consumerism and hoarding and that in my opinion is quite refreshing because once you start going minimalistic, you choose quality over quantity and it is what we need in this age and era.

5) Where do you want to see skritswap in 3 years?

I want to see Skritswap’s motto of replacing jargon with simplicity being implemented everywhere from legal documents to privacy policies; from healthcare to academia – wherever users are put in a difficult position due to higher readability levels. It is my firm belief that as we move towards an age of technological advancement, we take comfort in all things simple. And that’s what makes Skritswap noble in its mission, unique in its vision and just enough ahead of the curve to become an industry leader.