Meet Lynn

Dr. Lynn Nichols – Senior Product Development Linguist – Lynn has deep expertise in the structure and use of natural language. Formerly a former professor of linguistics at Harvard University and UC Berkeley for 14 years (Ph.D. Linguistics, Harvard University), her research and publications include lexical semantics, the mental lexicon, word borrowing and coining as well as syntactic theory, especially cross-clausal and noun phrase anaphoric relations, syntax and semantics of the noun phrase, propositional attitude verbs and complementation. Lynn’s innovative work as faculty was recognized by awards from Harvard’s Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative and the University of California’s Hellman Fellows. Since 2011 Lynn is founder and principal at X Intellectual Property, a name development and brand strategy consultancy in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay area that works with clients in a range of B2B and B2C tech globally. She serves as an advisor at Stanford’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Alchemist Accelerator, and The Silicon Valley Institute, and is a frequent invited speaker on lexical semantics and naming strategy.