Meet Chris

Chris is a full-stack software developer and devops engineer.  He has built applications end-to-end for many multi-national brands including, Verizon Wireless, IBM, John Frieda, Lisnr, the B.C. Ministry of Health, and the one-and-only Shakira, to name a few.  He has the full set of tools required to see a software project from its initial data design to the implementation of the business logic, through to a deployment architecture capable of onboarding millions of users in a short time.

Chris’ educational background is in theoretical physics, and during his time in academia he and has written computational models in fields as diverse as supernova and black hole physics, computational ecology, and global food trade and land use dynamics.

After earning a Ph.D in mathematics and a postdoctoral fellowship fulfilled at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, ON, he became involved with the world of applications development. He has never looked back.