For Enterprise

Swap your docs. Build trust.
Sell more. Shorten delivery.

Do you have important documents that your customers don’t understand as well as they could?

skritswap's AI technology to adjust your words from the original to clear to clearer. Your customers will be able to read at their desired comfort level with the click of a button.

48 per cent of Americans and 49 per cent of Canadians are low-literate, which means almost half of your clients may be struggling to truly understand your product communications.

This often leads to a break down in trust between customers and businesses.

Selling the same products, in the same way, to clients with individual literacy levels is like having a clothing store with only one size for everyone.

Working with skrtiswap results in:

  • Shorter service-delivery times and increased trust since customers grasp your industry jargon.
  • Reduced sales cycle because it’s easier and less confusing for prospects to buy.

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For Plain
Language Experts

Imagine having a personalized auto-swap library.

Now, you can leverage skritswap's AI technology to complete your client’s projects faster, making your job easier, and more money too.  Your library will track complicated phrases and when you come across them again, automatically swap to your "favourites" based on your past work. It will eliminate the need to rewrite phrases you’ve already simplified. Plus, you’ll gain access to the global database of swapped words at various reading levels.

Coming Soon: Early adopter plain language experts will get priority access to bid to work on new enterprise projects. So in addition to making your job easier, faster, and more profitable we can act as a sales channel for you too.

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