Stop Over-Thinking It: No-Brainer Day Feb 27

Joseph Fung, skritswap’s lead investor, shares our aim to improve information equity. Last year, he affirmed his confidence:

“This is one of those no-brainer technologies that needs to exist – not only can it save billions in wasted costs, but it can make life better for millions of people around the world.”

By definition, a “No brainer” refers to decisions or choices that require very little effort and thought. It is a call for doing what is simple, easy, obvious, and totally logical. We make that claim for the product we are developing.

Origin of No Brainer Day

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith launched this holiday to suggest that people stop over-analyzing things and second-guessing themselves. She reminds us to relax and take it easy once our path is clear.

While our product is an easy choice, it does take a lot of thought to figure out how to do it, and do it right. So, we are very grateful for our brains:

Darren Redfern,


As a wise sage, Darren brings 30 years of experience in multiple NLP-based startups with successful results.

Chris Pagnutti,

Senior Developer Chris has built applications end-to-end for many multi-national brands including, Verizon Wireless, IBM, John Frieda, the B.C. Ministry of Health, and the one-and-only Shakira.